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In the footsteps of his Civil Rights Hero Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Joshua answered his calling from the Lord and became and Ordain Pastor at the age 25. Joshua has been the Founder and Pastor of Humble Praise Center since 2006. As Pastor of HPC, Joshua has created Workshops and Seminars that empower families by implementing the scripture “Faith without works is dead” constantly encouraging believers to be involved in the world spiritually, socially, and economically. Joshua has reached audiences through DVD, CD, Radio, and now more recently you can view services Live via, Facebook and Periscope.

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Pastor Joshua T. Scott serves as the senior pastor of Humble Praise Center of Humble, TX, a community friendly and supportive organization. 

Pastor Joshua’s mantra that guides his life is, “A life committed only to helping one’s self is a life that is underutilized.” As a Houston native, Scott has dedicated his life to impacting his community and teaching the word of God.

"For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake", (2 Corinthians 4:5). When reading this scripture, one cannot help but view Pastor Scott as a true testimony of the essence of this scripture. He is the embodiment of a true shepherd that recognizes preaching is a gift from God to proclaim Jesus as Lord to the saved and unsaved alike. In a time where intellect and emotions too often hijack the delivering of the Word of God, 

Pastor Scott as a true shepherd removes himself to ensure the flock is fed the word according to the Bible. Although a man of high intellectual stature, Pastor Joshua has been gifted to remove intellect and emotions, to allow himself to be totally used by the Holy Spirit to reach all levels of spiritual maturity. In doing so, he becomes a servant to the people. He allows the Word of God to mold his life and is genuinely transparent in his preaching and lifestyle to allow the sheep to see how God is continually transforming him as he trusts and obeys the word of God.

Scott started his career as a preacher by teaching youth bible study at Houston Lighthouse Trinity Church under the Leadership of Pastor Levon Thurman.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion from Morehouse College!

Pastor Joshua was recently awarded the Black Excellence Award for Pastor of the Year 2018! 

Why Visit HPC?

 Join Pastor Scott and Humble Praise center each Sunday At 11:30 a.m. Humble Praise Center is located at 2325 Atasccocita Road, Humble Texas 77393 

Humble Praise Center is designed for the working family. Our services are uniquely timed for a 1 hour worship experience so families can get back to their busy lives. As Pastor of Humble Praise Center, Scott believes that family is the key component to one's spiritual journey! Far to often we have seen Minister Leaders lose their families because they had to dedicated to much time to the church. Scott's vision and plan is that no person under his leadership will be overwhelmed but instead ENJOY the pleasures of working in ministry 

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Pastor Scott @ Humble Praise Center

Pastor Scott teaches from Luke 22:31

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