The Person

Scott's Early Life


Joshua was born and raised on the Northeast Side of Houston, Texas. Raised in the rough streets of Houston, Scott knew at an early age that his desire to achieve greatness would be as strong as his desire to breathe. Inspired by his 5th Grade teacher Ms. Rosiland Chew, Joshua knew that Morehouse College would be his institution of higher education.  In 2004 Joshua Graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Religion. While there he also received the "Most Outstanding Senior Award" in his department. 

In 2009 Joshua married an other Northeast Houston resident, graduate of University of Texas and Thurgood Marshall Law College Ms. Veronique J.  Scott. 

In 2011 Scott received his Master of Arts Degree from Prairie A&M University with a concentration in Community Development.  

2016 brought Joshua and Veronique their first son Joshua II. Who at an early has has developed many of his own passions! 

Joshua has a great passion for sports, with his favorite sports figures being Lebron James and Floyd Mayweather.     

Joshua give credit to the person he has become to his Mother (Yalonda) who has many strong Black Women worked several jobs to put him through college, and his Grandmother (Merlee) who stressed to him not to pray to be famous or rich but to pray for "Wisdom" .