The Philanthropist

Scott's Work as Executive Director of A.P.C. Inc.


Joshua T. Scott shows selfless concern for the welfare of others and ventures to alleviate the struggles of others without seeking anything for his own personal benefit. With great awareness of his surroundings, not only is he open to opposing views and new ideas, but he also seeks to understand the motivations and obstacles of others in order to better understand their needs and how their needs can best be satisfied.

Thus he founded The Association for the People and Community (A.P.C. Inc.) in 2004, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that works across Texas to provide tutorials, enrichment, and social services. The A.P.C.'s mission is to build an intelligent, confident, and proactive community. With nearly twelve years of experience empowering young Texans, A.P.C.’s legacy is to leave a positive impression on every person who receives their services; offer enrichment, and college discovery courses empowering students to achieve at all cost in the greater Houston area and surrounding communities such as, East Houston, North Forest, Aldine, Humble, Channelview, Galena Park.

Joshua treats his contributions to society and the economy as investments. He looks at issues through a business-lens, treating his philanthropic work with the same work ethic as he would his business. Just as he would promote his business goals, he also capitalizes on his resources, drawn upon his networks and uses his position in society to promote a cause. This broad view pushes Joshua not to focus solely on contributing to nonprofit organizations, but also to expand his support to for-profit business and legislative initiatives that will propel the cause forward.

As Executive Director Joshua has overseen initiatives such as the Thanksgiving Food Drives, Christmas Toy Drives and Get Out and Vote Campaigns, collectively assisting thousands in his community. The word philanthropy can be traced back to the Greek meaning “to love humanity”.  If the authentic goal of philanthropy is to love humanity .


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