One's greatness is not in how much he knows but how many he educates with what he knows

 -Joshua T. Scott 

A Deeper Look


Joshua T. Scott is not just a person who knows a great deal or loves to learn but rather, he is a philosopher who engages actively in critical thought about big questions that have no obvious answers. He delights in exploring complex relationships and thinking more deeply about important, but often vexing, topics. Joshua creatively constructs new and pragmatic ways of living, governing, learning, conducting business, and negotiating healthy, 'win-win' conflict resolutions. His philosophy, postulates heightened consciousness that allows many people access to spiritual and intellectual knowledge. While developing critical thinking he takes part in various debates to increase his ability to think freely and critically to find ways to define and describe the fundamental structures and patterns of life, often by breaking them down into smaller components.

Joshua’s thoughts have the ability to touch on many different aspects of life, from the arts to creating supportive environments for people. He is credited with developing a teaching series titled " After High School What’s Next" to empower young kids to reach for success by making better decisions. In this teaching series he challenges students across Texas to stay kids and follow the path laid out for them by their parents. This series provides students with real life topics and challenges them to begin to think about life after high school before walking across the stage.

The Philosopher at Work

JoJo's Bible Adventures


Children will enjoy reading the action packed stories beginning with the Creation of the World, to Noah and the significance of the Rainbow and Jacob the heel catcher and ending with the Israelites’ escape from Egypt. The biblical scenes are uniquely illustrated with vibrant colors and the characters possess various melanin complexions that all kids will enjoy. 

Meet the Author's


Joshua along with his wife Veronique J. Scott, J.D., recently released Amazon’s #1 Children’s Book. Jo-Jo’s Bible Adventure which takes children on a fun and interactive journey with big brother Jonathan and little sister Jolie through popular Bible stories. Readers will learn bible stories through a unique storytelling voice accentuated with rhyming verses. 

Why was there a need for JoJo's


The need to see people of color represented in biblical books inspired me to become an author. To tell a story that children of color could relate to and be inspired to reach for the stars. Talent is not as important as hard work and dedication to a project. I knew that if I worked hard and created a product that I was happy with then the job was done!